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About - Georgina Dunn Jewellery

Find out more about artist jewellery designer Georgina Dunn.  Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Georgina has been making jewellery since 1997.  Her collection reflects global trends in jewellery design and is finely handcrafted in her home studio.  If you are looking for something unique direct from the craftsperson then Georgina Dunn Jewellery is the place to start looking.

Who is Georgina Dunn jewellery?

I have been creating hand-made jewellery since 1997, when I started learning the art of silversmithing in night classes at the Christchurch Arts Centre Silversmiths school in New Zealand. At the time I was studying Art, Design and photography. Jewellery helped me find a way of expressing and exploring my creative side whilst providing me with some pocket money as a student. On completion of my studies and as a result of following the love of my life, I found that my jewellery provided me with an income where-ever I was in the world. Moving to Australia meant that I was able to expand my business by doing markets in Brisbane and the Eumundi where I sold my jeweller direct through my market stall. Since having children I have been working on new ways of building my jewellery brand including the creation of my online shop, Etsy and through wholesaling to local galleries and shops.

What inspires me

The learning journey is never complete and each piece I make inspires me to create the next, my work is continually changing, growing and evolving. As an artisan jeweller I find that working in small collections or one off designs sits well with me. I carry a few collections from season to season and I continually add new designs to my range, some designs I might only make once and others I make small batches.

Fashion is temporary, style is timeless.  I bring the design and quality influences of classic jewellery together with the best new materials, techniques and trends to create individual pieces to stand the test of time.

Why handmade?

Quality jewellery is more than just metal and stones, it is a token of love, it is the story behind the piece.  It is this energy, which I believe is given to my jewellery through the hand-crafting process.  Nothing beats knowing that you have created something that someone loves to wear. My customers love the idea that the jewellery that they have purchased from me, is supported an artisan in their craft.

Wherever possible I take a sustainable and ethical approach to manufacture. I work in recycled sterling silver where possible in order to reduce the environmental impact.


I make all my jewellery in my studio in Brisbane, Australia.  I personally source and hand-select all materials in order to produce the highest quality product I can make. My jewellery is all lovingly handmade by myself from sterling silver plate and wire which has been recycled from old jewellery and scrap, these metals contain 100% recycled silver and are milled here in Australia. However bought chain and butterfly components are purchased pre fabricated as they are too delicate and not viable to produce in my studio.

I love jewellery design as much as making jewellery, so I take pride in spending time developing jewellery that will stand the test of time and be something that people will notice is different from the mass produced jewellery on the market.