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Selecting the right ring size


Discover my jewellery blog where you will find jewellery related resources and relevant information relating to my work as a small business owner and artisan jeweller.

Selecting the right ring size

Georgina Degreef

Navigating ring sizes can be a daunting task. You have found an amazing jeweller (like me) online and you are dying to order that ring you found, but you don’t know your ring size?? eek! Well the purpose of this blog post is to try and help you through the minefield of information available on the internet.

There are several ways you easily determine the right ring size to buy.

Translate the ring size you know to the one you need

Below is a table that I created that allows you to see the different ring sizes commonly used by my customers. If you are for example an Australian size S then I would recommend buying a US size 9 ring. You will know if you need to go slightly up or slightly down depending on the current fit. If you find that you are still confused, don’t forget that you can message me to discuss this when you are thinking of placing an order.

Ring sizes.jpg

Using an existing ring that fits

You can find a ring that already fits you perfectly on the finger that you want your new ring, and measure that. To do this you need a ruler with millimetres and a keen eye.

ring with ruler copy.jpg
  1. lay your ring down on a flat surface

  2. place the ruler over the top of the ring so that it measures the inside diameter of the ring (inside diameter is the width of the cutout area inside the circle)

  3. take as accurate a reading from the ruler as you can and record the number to the closest mm (decimal inch is ok too).

  4. look at the above ring chart using the internal diameter measurement to guide you to the best corresponding ring size, either US or the Australian and British sizing.

Head into your local jewellery store to get them to size you up.

Most local jewellery stores will offer you a ring sizing service. It really pays to measure a few of your fingers that you like to have rings on while you there, make sure that you measure both hands as they are bound to be slightly different, I know mine are.

Use a ring sizer

Order a ring sizer from me which I will post out to help with your measurements. These are easy to use option that will enable you to size your own fingers in the comfort of your home.